Megan O'Connor


I have always felt a need for creative expression through images and words, and double-majored, accordingly, in Art and English (B.A magna cum laude, College of William and Mary). Out of college I pursued an arts-adjacent career in museum education and earned my M.A. in Museum Studies in Florence, Italy. I continued my own creative activities, but without the intention of making a living from my art. However, in the past few years I have been grateful for a growing clientele that has made painting a significant part of my income.

I am driven by a quest for meaning; a desire to understand and commemorate the passage of time. This quest has led to several pursuits: in my writing life, it has drawn me towards memoir, and in late 2021 I completed the manuscript for my first book-length memoir (subscribe to updates here). In visual art, it has led me to portrait painting and to vintage collage.

My oil portraits mix realism with a contemporary Impressionistic style: life-like but with amped-up color and painterly brushstrokes. The pandemic ushered in a venture into watercolor house portraiture as well.

I make collages on canvas, furniture, or in the form of zines (mini, self-published magazines), and also curate themed gallery wall sets based on a color scheme and often a persona—”The Intellectual Rocker,” “The Rugged Explorer,” etc. My collage art and home décor pull from a vast collection of salvaged ephemera including vintage maps, magazines, postcards, newspapers, and storybooks, resulting in a maximalist aesthetic unafraid of eccentricity.  

In addition to the disciplines of oil portraiture, watercolor, and collage, I have also been hired many times as a muralist and sign painter, executing bold designs that recall the past.

Finally, I love connecting with others through creativity and facilitating events that foster a spirit of discovery and community. To this end I can often be found planning a theme party or camp-like experience, and most recently, have been hired to teach at three art centers in the Raleigh, NC area. My dream is to soon be able to offer a menu of unique, engaging programs that cater to adults and kids alike. Please feel free to subscribe to my art mailing list to be kept in the loop, and to reach out with any questions or feedback you may have. Thank you so much for visiting my site! God bless.