Megan O'Connor

megan o’connor

adventuring with color in Raleigh, North Carolina

my work

oil portraits

The best photo references for my colorful oil portraits are crisp, vibrant, and preferably with a light source that casts interesting shadow shapes. Portraits start at $220 for an 8×10″ canvas (domestic shipping included). Price is for a single figure–human or pet!

house watercolors

My standard house watercolor package is a 9×12″ painting on 11×14″ cold press paper and includes domestic shipping and a high-quality digital scan for $220. Realtors: ask me about smaller vignette watercolors (5×7″ or 5×5″) at a lower price point and perfect for closing gifts.

sign/mural painting

Brick walls, chalk walls, stucco walls, plate glass, fabric or paper banners, wood, even a garage door…you name it, I’ve painted a sign on it. You can send me your complete design, or just start with an idea of your fonts and color palette. I paint murals and signs locally in Raleigh, but can ship banners worldwide. Starting at $220.

the process

  1. Contact me here or via Instagram @megan.oconnor09, preferably with your reference photo attached.
  2. I’ll send you a commission agreement with payment info.
  3. Send a 50% deposit.
  4. I estimate completion 6 weeks from the receipt of deposit + reference photo. At that point I’ll send you an image of the painting for your approval, and deliver it once I receive the balance. Thank you for your interest!