Megan O'Connor

megan o’connor

adventuring with color in Raleigh, North Carolina

my work

custom portraits

My colorful portraits are painted with artist-grade oils on premium toned hardboard panels. I can either start the painting from life with a two-hour sitting in Raleigh, or use a high-quality reference photo (preferably with a light source that casts interesting shadow shapes). Portraits start at $175 for 8×8″.

sign painting

Brick walls, chalk walls, stucco walls, plate glass, fabric or paper banners, wood, even a garage door…you name it, I’ve painted a sign on it. You can send me your complete design, or just start with an idea of your fonts and color palette. I paint murals and signs locally in Raleigh, but can ship banners worldwide. Starting at $150.

other commissions

Besides portraiture (human and animal), I’m interested in personal still lifes, flowers, and the occasional landscape. I do best working with a photo that has distinct, vibrant colors. Please note that it is at my discretion whether a photo you send is up my alley. If I don’t think what I offer is what you’re looking for, I may have to politely decline your request – but I’m happy to work with you to take/choose a photo that does fit my style.

the process

Once I hear from you, we can either keep chatting via email or share a call to discuss your commission. After we have agreed on image, size, and price, I’ll send you a contract with my notes on the project. 50% of the price will be due up-front and the remaining 50% once I send you a final image you’re happy with. I estimate 3-5 weeks to complete a commission painting from the date we agree is the “start.”